First Impression Review: Flormar Cosmetics!

By Sugar Babbless - August 27, 2014

I am soo happy to announce that Flormar Cosmetics is a Middle Eastern brand of professional cosmetics and is available here. These products are actually originally from Italy but are made in Turkey. This thing has made a very special place in my heart and is very new in the market. I bought a bunch of products from their store and here is my review:

 I got 3 nail polishes and 2 eye shadows. I must say, their range is so wide spread. I got a metallic texture and a matte one in eye shadows.

The white nail polish is a semi matte finish.

The shadow on the left is actually a pale pink eye shadow but it shows as white in the photos.                                                                              
 I went almost crazy seeing their nail polishes, they had everything from matte, to semi matte, glitter and many more finishes. Each nail polish is just for SAR 10!! It's amazingly affordable and so pigmented. Flormar has not only nail polish and eye shadows but they also have foundations, concealers, and nail art related stuff. They also stock self tanners, but the only fall back is their sales women. Most of them don't know English and the ones who know are not interested in entertaining you. But over all it was a worth it trip!

I would recommend this brand to EVERYONE if you can get your hands on these products plz do! I'm sure you will love it!

Where can you find Flormar?
You can find this in 
Aziz mall Jeddah
Haifa Mall Jeddah
Andalus  Mall Jeddah

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