DIY Coffee Scrub!

By Sugar Babbless - June 07, 2015

Hello Sugaries,
 I am glad to see you all again! Well if you know me then you certainly also know that I loveee to drink coffee. So here is another way to use your coffee! DIY Coffee Scrub!

Benefits of coffee for skin:

1- Fights early ageing
2-Soothes Inflammation
3-Reduces Cellulite
4- Reduces Rosaceae
5-Repairs UV damage
6-Tightens skin

Here is what you will need:

1- 1 cup Coffee which is crushed from beans (DO NOT USE INSTANT NESCAFE COFFEE IT WILL DISSOLVE)

2- 1 cup Sugar

3- 2 tbs coco powder

4- 1 tsp Vanilla essence or powder

5- 1/2 cup Olive Oil or Coconut Oil

6- Big mixing bowl

7- Jar to fill in

Incase you are wondering which coffee I used. I just got this one for 10sr from Rafai. 


1) Mix your Coffee in a mixing bowl.

2)Mix Sugar.

3)Mix cocoa powder.

4) Add Olive oil and Vanilla Essence.

5) Mix well and shift in a pretty air tight jar to gift someone or simple to keep in your bath room! 

Now your Coffee scrub is ready to be used! You will not even smell the olive oil... It will be Coffee everywhere!!!!!! Ummmm... Your skin will be well scrubbed and well moisturized! I hope you like these kinds of posts as I show you with more in detail picture. Till next time...Take care and stay blessed! :)

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  1. Amazing *.*
    I wanted to ask u where can we easily find Argan Oil in Jeddah. :(

  2. Thanks honey! I saw argon oil in body shop. You may also check Nazih shop in Andalus mall they have a variety of oils there to choose from. :)

  3. Hi.
    Its amazing and very easy.i tried it and is very effective.
    I got know about this blog through a makeup artist @maneehakhan she really raves about u on her page.
    keep posting diys like this.