20 Hair ideas to try till you are in your 20's

By Sugar Babbless - July 25, 2015

Hello Readers,
 Today I thought why not embrace our age and challenge ourselves from our comfort zones to do something adventourous? Like changing hairstyle or color? So here are 20 Hair ideas to try while you are still in your 20's! Have a look.

1- Long bob Hair cut: I am really going to try this one out this year!


2-Pixie Cut: This hair cut is just not for the edgy girl in town but also for that girly girl who likes to wear dresses with sneakers! There is a kind of femininity in this boyish hairstyle.


3- Purple Ombre Hair: AHHH...This hair color is soo inn this year.


4- Neutral Ombre Hair: For someone who likes their roots dark, this is the perfect hair color for them.


5- Red Hair Locks: This is another color which looks really faltering on almost anyone. 


6- Short Bob: If you want to be a little more daring...then just go for this one!


7- Faux Haircut: This hair cut is a little difficult to carry, but if you love challenges then this one is just right for you!


8- Caramel Blond: I will get this color done sometime soon because I just love how natural it looks.


9- Angle Haircut: One side short and one side long! I saw my colleague pulling this trend off like a pro! She is a mom of three and looked absolutely gorgeous in this hair cut!


10- Razor cut: In this, the sides are razored and only the centre stands out. For a girl with petite height, this will be the perfect fit!


11- Side Bangs: Almost anyone can easily pull off this haircut. I have seen so many people rocking this hairstyle.


12- Platinum Aqua Ombre: This is another risky color. It will suit anyone who embraces their natural tan. As it will stand out more on people with a husky skin tone.


13. Lilac Colored Hair: This is for the girls out there with the palest skin. I love how simple this looks and almost looks natural!


14- Low Lights: After highlights, I think it is time get to this cool thing!


15- Rainbow Hair: Yes this is possible!


16- Teal blue and jet black Hair: I like how the roots are dark and then the fun pop of color starts!


17- Platinium Silver Hair: This color is beyond daring but it is not just limited to the runways...you can rock it everyday if you want to!


18- Lavender to white Hair: I saw this picture and was instantly reminded of Unicorn! Doesn't it to you?


19- Short Hair Ombre: We see short hair everyday...But there are very few people with short hair do we remember. Make a statement by just coloring the tips to a ash blond for that beachy and carefree look!


20- Rose Gold Hair: Last but not the least, the rose gold trend! This thing has taken the rose gold color to a whole new level! I really love the color and how it makes the model's grey eyes pop!

If you like this post then comment down below telling me which hairstyle would you go for? Also share this post with the girl you think needs a makeover with her hairstyle!

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