5 steps To at home Facial!

By Sugar Babbless - July 15, 2015

Hello Sugaries,
I am sorry as I was away for quite sometime. But it was a much needed break. Well, I am back with another DIY! This time it is at home facial in 5 easy steps! So without wasting anytime, let's get into it!

Step # 1 - Cleansing
 This step is the most important as you don't want to apply anything on your oily or greasy face. So take a cotton ball dip it in milk and cleanse your face thoroughly, remember to remove any oils or dirt from your face. If you want, you can use a cleanser, again make sure you rinse and clean your face properly.

Step # 2 -  Exfoliate
Exfoliating is to remove the dead skin from your face. So use a good scrub to exfoliate. Take a pea size amount and keep massaging it on your face in circles. Around your nose and chin and on your cheeks to remove any backheads or whiteheads. Once done take a clean muslin cloth and wet it in warm water to remove this scrub of your face. You can also DIY your own scrub here Coffee Scrub

Step # 3 - Steaming

Take a big pot and fill it with water. You can also add some lavender oil or just use some salt with two green tea bags. Once the water comes to boil, remove it from the stove and place it aside. Use a towel to cover your head completely. Now take in the steam. remember not to go too close to the hot water. Stay at a safe distance and inhale and exhale. The hot water will open your pores and will remove all the dirt and toxic which is deep inside the skin. Take steam for 10-15 mins and then wash your face with cold water to immediately close the pores. You may consult your doctor if you have very sensitive skin or just skip this step.

Step # 4 - Facial Mask
You can now apply a face mask on your face. You can use whichever you like or whichever suits you the best. The most common one is the mud mask which I often wear. You can also DIY mask at home if you don't want to purchase one. Just click here to read more Mask for Glowing Skin
 Keep the mask on till you feel the tightening on your skin. Mean while you can also soak some cotton rounds dipped in rose water and place them on your eyes to relax further. After 15 mins wash it with plenty of water.

Step # 5 - Moisturizing
All skin types require moisturizer. choose one which is best for your skin. For oily skin use a light moisturizer ,and for dry skin use a oil based moisturizer. For sensitive skin stay away from fragrance based moisturizers.

 Go and give yourself a easy at home facial! If you liked this then please share and follow us on Google+ and Instagram!

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