Eos lip balm....Worth the hype?

By Sugar Babbless - July 03, 2015

Hello Sugaries,
I hope you are in mood for some product reviews...Because I have quite a lot coming your way soon In sha Allah!

Today I will be reviewing the most talked and hyped up product the " EOS Lip Balm"! If you want to know whether to buy it or not...then just keep reading!

What is it? 
EOS stands for 'Evolution of smooth' it is a company which produces lip balms and other skin care related products. It became a huge thing after many famous celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, 1 D stars etc, were seen using it.


I had heard enough about the EOS lip balms. So when I saw it here in Jeddah in Whites pharmacy,  I had to buy it to review it.
I got six flavors.

Here is what I think:
This lip balm is like any other lip balm. At first when it was so much raved abut everywhere, I thought it was going to be something really 'life changing'. But it is just like any other lip balm as I mentioned earlier. It keeps the lips smooth and hydrated which I assume is the motto behind every lip product. So ofcourse this product is nothing different than the rest.

Packaging from Outside
Where to purchase it from?
I got mine from Whites Pharmacy in Salaam Mall Jeddah.

What is the Price?
It costs 30 SAR per piece.

Why is it so hyped about?
Well, I think the only reason it is soo hyped around is because of it's unique shape. Many companies are now even making a dupe of it!

From inside.

Would I repurchase it again?
No, I wouldn't. I was sent a bunch by my sister already. I guess it will take me an eternity to go through all of these! But no, I would try or go with something else.

I hope you like such reviews as it will give you a reason whether r not to buy it. If you like  this post then do read my previous posts too, and share on Facebook,Instagram and also Pin It!

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