6 GIft Ideas for any Girl!

By Sugar Babbless - September 27, 2015

Hi there!
Well, all of us get confused when trying to find the perfect gift. But to find the perfect gift for someone special is much more difficult! So in today's post I have narrowed top 6 things which will never fail as a gift! To know more just keep reading!

1. Handbag
A good quality handbag never fails any girl. Just make sure it is made of good material or the colors she likes to carry around. I personally don't wear bright colors in handbags like blues or greens, and I guess most girls don't. So stick to safer colors like the classic black, beige, grey, maroon etc. You can shop for bags from H&M, Milano, Charles and keith or Ted Baker in Salaam Mall Jeddah.
Remember not all good quality bags are expensive. They might range from 99 SAR-500 SAR depending on your choice.

2. Perfume
I know perfume sounds personal and everyone has a different taste but I promise you, the ones I am listing here will surely impress any girl.

YSL: Cinema
Calvin Klein: Eternity Moment, Beauty
Chanel: Mademoiselle

3. The Body Shop Package
Body shop is famous for its luxurious yet affordable scents and the packages which have a perfume, shower gel, body lotion and a loofah, is a match made in heaven. If you ever go to body shop and feel completely overwhelmed by the numerous options, just go for the scents listed below!

Scent no 1: Japanese cherry
Scent no 2: Mango
Scent no 3: Amazonian White Lily

4. Personalized Jewelry
I am a huge fan of personalized jewelry. It really is a sentimental piece to hold on to. You may engrave her name with yours or a nick name she likes to be called with. If you are living in Jeddah and want a custom piece made just for her then visit @sdomlogedesign on Instagram. They make the most beautiful pieces.

5. Sephora Gift Card
Which girl doesn't like makeup? Duh! every girl does! But then each of us have different preferences as to what we like to wear. Its best not to gamble when it comes to makeup and just give a gift card. It is sensible plus no stress for you!

6. Watch
'Classy girls wear watch'.That's true. Watches nowadays are no longer for just seeing time but they are also used as an accessory. All you need to know is whether she likes belt strap or metal, big dial or small? and your problem is solved!

I hope these tips were helpful. If there is something I missed then do let me know in the comments down below!

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  1. White Flowers , A Nice Book , Booking for her at a Cool Spa like Park Hyatt , Toni & Guy etc , Colorful Sports Shoes with matching Shorts and Top, Comfy Track Pants , Big Box of All kinds of Chocolates . If she's really really close then all the above plus maybe , a paid Vacation , a candle light dinner , A speed Boat Ride, A Scuba Diving Trip , A Ladies Gym Membership , A nice gown and A sports car of her favorite colour ..

    1. Hi there!
      Hmmm...all of your suggestions sounds yummy...but a sports car and a vacation? I like to address my common friends with a common salary. Not really interested in making majority of people feel like they should go out of their way taking loans to impress their girl, small gift like the ones I mentioned and some that you did will also do for sure! If she loves him then she will be happy with whatever he gives...

      Thanks for commenting! Good Luck!

    2. Sports cars are not that costly. Only few Luxury Brands like Audi , Challenger Hellcat , Corvette are costly ..But there are many cheap sports cars like Mazda Mx5, Camaro , BMW like the red one Fawad Khan drives in Khoobsoorat ..they all come really cheap ..!!

  2. Heyy !! Can you do a post on girls leather jackets. I want to know some good brands that are available in KSA .

    1. Hello Dear,
      Firstly sorry for the late reply... Yes, sure why not! Will do one soon in sha Allah! :)