Nada Fadel Contact Lens Review

By Sugar Babbless - March 01, 2016

Hello Sugaries,
Firstly, I am soooo sorry for not posting anything since ages! It's just that I GOT MARRIED! Alhamduliah!  Of course, you all know that priorities do change and stuff...but I am back and hopefully in sha Allah will blog more soon.

Coming to today's post, I recently became obsessed with wearing contact lenses. I do have eye power and wearing glasses all the time is just not my thing. So I thought of ordering a couple of brands and one of them was Nada Fadel. If you want to know more ...just keep reading!

As far as I know, this brand is based in UAE. They only sell online and it is still not available in Magrabi or any other optical outlet. This a luxury brand and has tons of colors to choose from.

How can I order?
I ordered mine from an Instagram seller with the username _mylens. They do home delivery but they do charge extra 30-50 SAR depending on your location.

How much does it cost?
I got mine for 150 SAR. Which is a pretty good price for a luxury contact lens brand.

What does it come with?
Usually normal contact lenses come with a case and a solution. But these just come with a case. For the price one is paying, it should have come with a solution too.

How good is the product?
I will rate it 8 out of ten because it is not the most comfortable lenses in the world. But the colours are simply amazing and wow! But I would not recommend a new contact lens wearer to wear this brand at once, because it is not so comfortable as compared to other brands like Fresh Look and so on.

I hope you enjoyed this post...till next time..Cya!

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  1. Hiiii , congratulations on your marriage ! btw have heard of the brand MaXdona in jeddah ? i have seen it in quite a few shops especially in sukh al kheema and was wondering can u review them ? as i have tested their eyeliner and it was pretty good and cheap too 12sr but i wasnt sure to buy it or not sooo can u plz review their brushes , eyeliners , palette ? . And also do u know where can i find Morphe stuff in jeddah ? thanks a lot :)

    1. Hi there! Thank you for your well wishes. I haven't actually purchased anything from that brand yet. But once I do, I will surely blog about it!