Mason Natural Collagen Beauty Cream Review

By Sugar Babbless - June 15, 2016

Hello Sugaries,
 I hope you are all doing well In sha Allah. I ordered a couple of things from ebay last month and I have given it a fair chance to review it. Today's product is also from one of the things which I purchased earlier. So without further ado, lets get started!

Honestly, I got this as many beauty bloggers were swearing by this product. So I thought  I should give it a try too. I received this product in two weeks as I had ordered it online.

It is a Collagen cream which helps in firming the skin which in turn leads to youthful appearance. Many people claim that it is a whitening cream and it is truly FALSE. First of all, the cream or the company, no where promise that it will lighten the skin color or whatsoever. Secondly, no cream can actually do that. Yes, some creams do remove the tan from the skin in order to reveal your natural skin color but it is not considered as skin lightening.

So this cream is basically a moisturizer which is super rich and is pear scented. It also has 100% collagen and is best if used at night. The packaging is nothing fancy for the price it has. It is a basic plastic white jar.

I was on my honeymoon in Malaysia and got some really bad uneven tan and dry patchy and flaky skin. So when I came back to Jeddah, my order had come and I thought of using this product.

I started using this, and I was astonished on how well it works! It not only removed my tan but also gave me a healthy glow and moisturized my skin so well.I use it every night after using my Amara Organics retinol serum (which I will review later), and I massage it well into my skin. I also like to take it to my neck in a upward motion.

I really like this cream and will for sure repurchase it again. For the price you are paying, this cream is awesome! Would highly recommend it. I also have combination skin but it sure works for anyone with any skin type.

If you are interested in buying, you can check out this link here: Mason Collagen Cream

Until my next post, take care and Cya! :)

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