Nivea After shave balm As Primer???

By Sugar Babbless - June 19, 2016

  I know I am really late to the party but better be late than sorry. There has been a huge thing about using Nivea men aftershave balm as a primer for your face before using foundation. I was a little skeptical and also confused as many big beauty bloggers were recommending it. So I took my chances and tried it. Here's what I have to say:

I got this product in December as my wedding was approaching and I badly needed a primer as I planned to do my own makeup on the day of my henna. I thought of buying it and got it from the pharmacy. I got mine from AL-NAHDI PHARMACY for 25 SAR. This product smells manly because of course it's for men! But I love it! (I don't know if there is someone out there who is as weird as me and likes the masculine scent of such products). :D *I promise I am a girl*

It comes in a glass bottle and looks very chic. The thing I was confused about is which one to actually buy? Then I did my research and got to know that it has to be the "sensitive" version.

The aftershave is really liquidy but once you put it on, it gets absorbed pretty quickly and it's really light weight. I like to use my hands to apply it. My makeup artist on the day of my wedding also used it on my face and my makeup did not budge and i was awed!! Obviously I was crying, sweating and a lot of things but it didn't seem to move my foundation at all. .

I highly recommend this product as I have tried many high end primers and most do make your makeup last, but at the same time are really expensive. This aftershave is so affordable and so easily available that you can buy it and it will last a lot longer than your regular expensive primers.

You can get your's from any pharmacy in Jeddah or from any supermarkets. I have seen Hyper Panda and Carrefour stocking these in their health and beauty section.


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  1. Hey , glad to see you back . I was wondering could you do like a drugstore product review in jeddah ? like which are affordable and nice ?