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By Sugar Babbless - June 23, 2016

Not all of us are pros when it comes to packing or travelling. Some of us travel every year,every 6 months or once in a blue moon. No matter how often we travel, we still end up making some mistakes which we think should be shared in order for others to avoid them. From my recent trip, here are some wise or some not so wise things which I did. I hope you enjoy!

1. Making a Checklist: This sounds really obvious but most of us don't really bother to print or write a list of things we should be packing. This often results in forgetting something which is very important. I printed a list of things I should be taking or packing with me to my recent trip. I can't express how it made my work of checking easy. I would just glance at the list to make sure I packed the things mentioned in it.

You can easily find a printable travel checklist on pinterest!

2. Checking the weather: This is again a common mistake most of us do. Checking the weather at the place of destination always helps, as you are always prepared for the worst. Our first destination was Dubai then followed by Kuala Lumpur. The prediction showed it would rain for a whole week. So we got our bags wrapped in plastic safe wraps at the airport. On reaching KL it did rain pretty heavy and non of our luggage got spoiled! Pheww ;) Plus you can pack your clothes and shoes accordingly.

3. Packing Light: Now i must admit, I am sort of a OCD. I do think that if I leave something at home, I will surely need it during my journey or at my destination. DO NOT DO THIS MISTAKE. Pack light with your basic essentials. Hotels almost have everything now ( Toothbrush,tooth paste, shower caps, bathroom slippers, shampoos, conditioner, soaps etc) Keep in mind you will need space in your suitcase to get the things you shopped from there.

4. Comfy outfits: Always try to travel at ease. I felt so comfortable wearing a baggy shirt, my basic black cotton leggings, socks and my peaks shoes with a abaya on top. I traveled with comfort as I didn't have to impress anyone there.

5. Neck pillow: I have always seen people travelling with these little hideous neck pillows. I found them funny. But my mom insisted me on taking one to my holiday and I did. I can't express how good of a sleep I got in that. Especially when you cant pull your seat completely flat and you get a cramp in your neck while sleeping in the most awkward posture. These come really inexpensive, you can find one in center point or citymax.

I hope you liked these 5 important travelling tips. If you have got any of your's then do comment down below, I will be more than happy to read and it's always good to share your tipsy tips with others! :)

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