Where Have I been?

By Sugar Babbless - June 08, 2016

Hi my lovely readers,
I hope you are in the best of health In sha Allah and have been doing great in whatever you have been busy with. Before I start, I want to wish you all a very happy Ramadan! May you all have a blessed month with all the bounties of the Almighty.

I know I have been really busy and neglecting blogging since 5 months now...But I do have a pretty strong reason for that, and that is....I got married!! ALhamduliah! I know it may not be a surprise for most of you, if you somehow got the hint, but for those who were thinking I vanished or something...here you got the reason. ;)

Alhamduliah with the mercy of Almighty Allah, I was blessed to get married last year on 30th December 2015. As you might know, marriage is a one day event but the preparation takes months! Mine too took a lot of time and thinking and I thank Almighty for making my dream wedding come true!

I had my Mehndi Night or Henna Night as some may know, on 28th December 2015. Which was amazing and so beautiful, I can't even describe! I did my own makeup which was no surprise, as I wanted very light makeup as it wasn't the main event.

The next event was my wedding day and as I  mentioned earlier, it was on the 30th. My hair and makeup on both my wedding and walimah (reception) was done by the lovely and ever so gorgeous Aiman Shan. She made me feel so comfortable and just gave me the look that I wanted. She is so great at what she does and is the most humble person I came across. Do check her instagram as she posts great photos of her bridal work - aiman_shan.

After my reception, we had our honeymoon in Malaysia, which was breathtaking in it's self! Which is also why I have been away for so long :)

I really owe a big time to all my lovely readers about my whereabouts. I truly appreciate your support and on going generous well wishes for my new life ahead. Thank you all so much! I hope to blog something for you very very soon! Till next time cya!

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