Morphe 35F Flirt and Frost Palette Review!

By Sugar Babbless - July 03, 2016

It's really been a while since I posted something about affordable makeup products. I actually have a lot of things which I purchased in the last couple of months and I would like to share a review of one such thing in today's post. I hope you like it!

I really enjoy my eyeshadow palettes and when I came to know that Morphe has released one palette which people are going nuts about...I had to get it too!

This palette as the title suggests is the Flirt and Frost palette. It has 35 colors, from which the last 7 colors are completely matte! I to be honest just took this palette for the dark matte black color which I surprisingly didn't have, although I own lots of other palettes too, but I just didn't have a  black shadow. Seriously, brands need to include a matte black color in every palette now. It's really frustrating because black is a versatile color and can be used for smokey eyes, or doubling it up as a liner. So in short I was all up for that one thing.

The last line which consists of all mattes.
This palette is soo beautiful and so highly pigmented! I just couldn't keep my eyes off this one. The frosty colors are like stila foiled shadows. They are so opaque and so easy to blend. But the mattes are a little chalky and have a little fallout. But that's Ok because for the price we can't really have all.

Some of my favorite frosty shades
I would highly recommend this palette if you are on a budget or just in general because it's so affordable and the colors are really easy to work with especially if you are a beginner. You get to play with a lot of colors and that to all neutral ones.

I got mine from Doodishop on Instagram for 150 SAR. Their service is not the best. But if you want the same palette definitely check out other Instagram sellers or online sellers like Ebay or Amazon if you have access to that.

Till next time...Cya! :)

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  1. Even I bought this palette but honestly I was really disappointed with it. The first thing tht came into my kind was THIS IS NOT REAL..the color pigment�� I bought it from shody shop..who ever reading this never ever purchase anything from them coz their products clearly seems to be first copy or maybe not even tht..and moreover she charged me 180 nd not even 150������

    1. Hi dear,
      I am hearing from many people regrading shops on instagram selling the first copy or replica versions of high end or even affordable products. This is really common now. But the one I got was thankfully the original one and you can see the swatches are really vibrant and I have been using it since I got it and I am really satisfied with the complete palette. I am sorry for your loss as you had to pay so much. But do shop from @doodyshop @bello24shop or @glamourbeautysa from Instagram for guaranteed makeup and skincare products next time.

      Thanks for writing! :)