DESI BRIDE: Things to carry in your wedding clutch

By Sugar Babbless - August 10, 2016

Hey Lovely Readers,
As most of you might know that I got married few months back, and wedding means lots of confusion and lots of 'oh I forgot'. So before my wedding, I made a checklist of all the things I have to keep with me at all times. I, as usual kept a lot of things, but didn't end up using most of it. So here are the things which I actually used and was thankful that I packed!

1. Sephora Compact Foundation: This foundation is full coverage plus it has a about double bonus! It also comes with a sponge so you are ready to touch up on the go.

2. Vaseline: Wedding means lots of standing and uncomfortable shoes. You will thank me later for this. But carry a small jar of vaseline or take some in small travel size jars to save space. You can use this for your shoes if they are painful or for just anything!

3. Safety Pins: Safety pins of all sizes are welcome. You will need those to pin your dupatta or drape your saree to save yourself from last minute disasters. 

4. Painkiller and Motion Sickness Medis: Always keep some mild painkiller and motion sickness pills with you on hand. All the stress will certainly give you a rumble in your stomach or a headache. (God forbid)

5. Oil Blotting sheets: If you are getting married in summer then this is a must. Either ways if you are someone like me who has oily skin, then instead of blotting with powder, use oil blotting sheets to avoid cake face.

6. Contact Lens Case: If you wear contact lens then be sure to take your contact lens case along with you. There is nothing worst then to put your contacts in a disposable glass at the end of the night!

7. Lip balm: It is self explanatory. :)

8. Lipstick: If you are a Desi bride, then you might be wearing red lips on your big day. It is a pretty tricky color to handle especially with when eating the cake, and drinks and all. So carry your lip color with you for retouching.

9. Gums: Who needs bad breath on their wedding day? No one! Pack some gum or best Altoids or breath strips to always be on the safer side.

10. Bobby Pins: Again like the safety pins you need to carry these in different sizes. They will be helpful if your hair is getting undone at the end of the night or something.  

11. Lash Glue: You probably will be wearing false lashes. This is in case the lashes come off or you need to readjust them.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. If you are getting married then I wish the best for you and happy married life! Or if you have a friend who is getting married then share this post with her and she will certainly thank you for thinking about her! 

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