Review: Aiman Shan's MasterClass

By Sugar Babbless - April 06, 2017

Hey my loves,
It's so good to finally be writing on this once and for all! Ever since I got the chance or let's say *I was blessed* to attend Aiman Shan's Master class in Instagram @sugarbabbless got flooded with questions! So here I am breaking down everything for you guys!

By the way just in case you didn't know who Aiman Shan is, she is a makeup Goddess *Totally Crushing over her* based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. But not everyone who does good makeup, also teach with their up most honesty...right? So keep reading to find out all :)

Aiman shan posted the below photograph on her Instagram @aiman_shan in November.

Just Moments later the latter picture was also posted! The Master class was Sold Out! Everyone tried to book seats ASAP!

The class was a Basic to Intense certified course. I was one of the lucky girls who got a chance to attend this. 

Details of the course

The setup

I have previously attended some makeup courses by some really renowned "Makeup Artist" but I was really disappointed as they are not true about their techniques and often just skip their main steps and are not the money's worth. But Aiman's master class was so well sorted with just 9 students and she was having interaction with each student individually. I have never seen such enthusiasm from a makeup guru before!

The Makeup Goddess at work!

I am no makeup artist myself, but I learned so much from her. She was constantly correcting each and every student and also made everyone so comfortable! She helped us in choosing our foundation type, and also broke the basis of the makeup base, blending, contouring, cut crease, everyday look and so on. 

One of the many looks that was taught during the class.

Finally, the goody bags. We each got a matte lipstick, an original beauty blender and a highlighter and of course the promised certificate too :)

All in all the makeup class is really worth it! A little birdie told me that there will be another one coming soon in May. So, keep your eyes peeled for this one! It's a once in a life time opportunity!

I hope you enjoyed this one, until next time cyaa!! :*

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