Cleaning your Brushes in Two simple steps!

By Sugar Babbless - May 23, 2017

Hey my loves,
I hope you all are doing great! I love doing makeup but the task of cleaning the makeup brushes is a pain!! So I recently found a way of making this task a little less tiresome :)

Things you will need:

1. Your dirty brushes :(
2. Detol liquid soap (Trust me I have tried all and this works best)
3. Detol disinfectant spray
4. A not so important towel
5. A cylindrical box to dry the brushes. optional (I used a chocoline chocolate box)


1. Use the detol liquid hand soap to thoroughly wash your brushes. I love this soap because it not only deep cleans the brushes but also kills the germs!

2. Once done, set aside your brushes and spray the handles of the brushes with some disinfectant spray avoiding the brush hair.

Voila! It's done! 
Tip: You can place your face brushes on a towel for air drying and you can use a cylindrical box to dry your smaller eye shadow and lipstick brushes up side down.

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