Best Places to Shop in Jeddah for Eid!

By Sugar Babbless - June 11, 2017

Hello my loves,
A very happy and blessed Ramadan to you all!! I know everyone says it, but I can't believe that Eid is just around the corner! This month has really flown by! While talking about Eid, shopping is a must! I know most of you might know all the Malls in Jeddah, so I haven't included those. In this post I am talking about all the hidden treasures of Jeddah! So here are some of my favorite places I like to shop for Eid. Hope you enjoy!

1. Abayas, Shoes, Bags and Makeup

                                                                       Souq Shatee 
This place has everything! They have the most variety of colorful Abayas, from teal to navy blue, they got it all! Plus this place sells everything from shoes, to bags and high end plus affordable drugstore makeup too. The key to shop here is BARGAIN! You will not believe it, but if you can bargain well, an Abaya they told you was for 400 SAR, will drastically come down to 150 SAR! Same applies for everything else.

This place has my childhood memories. Bawadi market has the best of Abayas no doubt, but they don't carry variety when it comes to the colored ones. But for the plain black Abayas, this place is a winner. The rates are still nominal than the malls and the quality is amazing. Again BARGAINING is a must here to get the best deal!

                         Al Sharq Shopping Center (Mujame Al Sharq)
This market is so huge, do wear your most comfortable shoes! They have Abayas, materials for your gowns, shoes plus bags and everything in between! This market is a little pricey if you are not careful. Compare the prices and then decide. It is easy to be tricked here! Enjoy the delicious Balilah or hot fries whilst you are there ;)

2. Oud and Gold

                                                                         Al- Balad 
This place as the names says, is the oldest place in Jeddah. They have some of the best shops for buying gold and silver jewelry and for buying the Arabic perfume (Oud). You can find shops selling Maxi material, exotic smelling Oud, Spices and the famous 21k gold.

If you are not new to Jeddah then you probably know this place. This is the largest market selling and buying Gold. They have the best rates and you can't return empty handed!

3. Thob for Men

                                                                          Al Hail Street
This street is literally covered both ways with just shops selling, tailoring and making Thobs! It is a good place for everyone, because they have all kinds from the plain white thob to the colored and the ones with designs!

4. Indian/Pakistani Clothes

                                                             Al-Mushrefa District
A lot of Asians dominate this part of the street, hence it has many Indian/Pakistani shops selling lawn dresses and heavy Anarkali. You can find famous Pakistani designer dresses in shops like Taiba selling Asim Jofa and Sana Safinaz. Some of my favorite and go to shops on this district are, All India Collections, Anokhi and Khatoons.

I hope you liked this post,that's it for today. If you like this please share and follow me on Instagram @SugarBabbless. Until next time, see ya!

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