What to pack for Hajj? 2017

By Sugar Babbless - July 29, 2017

Hello readers,
Welcome back to my blog! I hope you all are fine in sha Allah and thank you for joining me today :)
Last year, my husband and I were blessed to perform Hajj together. It was first for both of us and as soon as we got our Hajj permits my question to LITERALLY everybody was...What should I pack?
So here are the things I am glad I packed and why I packed them...If you want to know more..just keep reading!

**I have divided the list into different parts, for you and your partner/Mahram (MALE) also please keep in mind this list is best suited for people residing within SAUDI ARABIA, the list would be far more than this if you are travelling from some other country** 

                                       **THIS LIST IS FOR ONLY 5-6 DAYS OF HAJJ.**

For you and Partner

1. Backpack
I can't be more thankful to my intelligent side that I decided to take a backpack instead of a carryon suitcase or a fancy tote bag! I was glad that my backpack was always on my shoulders and didn't seem heavy because the weight was evenly divided on both shoulders.

My husband and I both took a Adidas bag each, because it is very well made and the last thing anyone wants is a torn strap or zip amidst all the rush!

2. Flip flops and Crocs Look alike
Men can't wear anything stitched in Ahram so they compulsorily have to wear rubber no-sown flip flops. I, on the other hand wore sketchers shoes which gave me horrible blisters in my feet! I was glad that I took a pair of CROCS look alike version from Minara Market for just 15 SAR and they were a blessing! I still have those shoes with me. Also, take a pair of flip flops for yourself to use in the rest rooms.

3. No Show Socks
This is optional. In case you are like me and have cold feet at night, you can get these for 8-10 SAR from Centerpoint or city max.

4. Clothes
Pack atleast 3 pairs of clothes in between two days. Let's say you will be there for 5 days, so pack 7 clothes accordingly. I packed loose cotton Shalwar Kameez for myself and it was amazing because it was so hot and anything else would be a pain to wear.

5. Towel
Take light weight towels to avoid bulkiness and weight.

6. Under Garments and Sanitary Pads or linings 
Pack under garments and Sanitary pads or linings. You never know with periods, it might come handy for you or any one else who might need it in your group. 

7. Spare Cotton Dupattas
You will become sweaty and you want to stay fresh and smelling good as much as you can especially when you can't use deo or perfume. So extra cotton head scarfs will come in handy if you wish to wash one.

8. Small pocket or ziplock for stones

9. Prayer books and travel size prayer mats

10. Umbrella 
Although we were not allowed to use umbrellas at many times during Hajj because of safety reasons,I still used it when we were allowed and was glad that I took one for my husband and I because the sun was on our heads when we were walking in Arafat.

11. Extra pair of Abaya
This is a must when you will want to wash your Abaya and dry it because it is very very hot there and Abayas get dirty because of the sand.

12. Toiletries and Medicines

**Pack your and your Partner's medicines in a ziplock bag instead of pouches to avoid heaviness** Also try to take one pack of each medicine instead of the whole box and buy travel size versions to save space and money.
  • Glysolid or Vaseline (for blisters or rashes)
  • Panadol
  • Vicks and MOOV (I took this incase I had leg cramps, didn't end up using them but a small boy needed something for cold so I was glad I had packed some vicks)
  • Tooth brush and Tooth paste Brand name "Siwak" it is unscented and can be found in any pharmacy.
  • Unscented Shampoo and Soap can be found easily in "Hajj kits" in any pharmacy now.
  • Flu tab for cold and flu
  • Stomach upset and vomiting medicines
  • Bandaids
  • Cotton Buds
  • Sanitizer
  • Deo/ Ittar (when you are not in Ahram)
  • Glucose Chewable tablets (Got this from Nahdi Pharmacy and it saved me from fainting because I just chewed one when I felt like I was loosing all my energy)
  • Cal-c-vita soluble tablets for extra boost of Vit C
  • Hair ties and Hair brush
  • Talcum powder for rashes and blisters

13. Cash and Recharge card

14. Phone Numbers written and not just present in phone.

15. Documents to pack

**I got a button folder for 2 SAR to keep all our documents in place**
  • Iqama copy
  • Passport copy
  • Copy and original Hajj permit printed
  • Copy of your vaccine certificate.
  • Some other documents and passport size photographs will be asked to keep by your group leaders.
16. Extra Stuff
  • Fill two ziplocks with dates and nuts and keep it for yourself and your partner to have it on the go.
  • Belt with pockets for your partner which can handle some cash, some written emergency contact numbers, one miswak and his phone.
  • Pack many plastic bags to keep your dirty clothes separate from your clean ones.
  • Face mask to protect yourself from dust
  • A handy fan (I was given one by one of my hajj mates and I till date thank her for that)

Here are some of my memorable pictures from hajj 2016...



I hope you found this post helpful please keep in mind that I did Hajj last year and may have forgotten to mention somethings here, but I had a list of all the things that I packed and I remember were helpful to me and my husband. But feel free to pack what you think might be necessary for you.

Also remember to share your belongings especially medicines and toiletries with your hajj mates. After all it is the time to help each other and earn as much as reward as possible. If you are going for hajj this year, then keep me in your prayers and if you think this list is any where helpful, then share it with your friends and family who will be going for hajj this year. 

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